Complex Chronic Disease | Value-based Care | Collaboration Platform
CrossBridge is developing the most comprehensive, specialty decision-making Software as a Service (SaaS) solution available today for improving outcomes and lowering the cost of treating chronic inflammatory diseases. Aligns the priorities of providers and payers, and simplify administration, so patients can begin receiving treatment without delay. Pre-auths are instantaneous for treatment plans submitted per the CrossBridge Evidence-based Treatment Library (EBML) of nationally accepted standards of care. Providers can submit research from our library to justify deviations from standards. Payers can accept or deny payment per treatment plan through the CrossBridge technology platform, where providers can track plan progress. Evidence based library is the heart of the CrossBridge solution. Independent and non-biased, it is based on medical society guidelines as a starting point and augmented with the latest validated research.
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CrossBridge is developing the most comprehensive, specialty decision-making Software as a Service (SaaS) solution available today for improving outcomes and lowering the cost of treating chronic inflammatory diseases.

CrossBridge Clinical Pathways: Better Outcomes and Lower Cost 


Clinical Pathways (CPs) are acknowledged to be an effective multi-disciplinary tool for improving patient outcomes and lowering treatment cost.

CrossBridge now brings CPs to the management of high-cost, inflammatory diseases with our cloud-based, cost-effective SaaS technology combined with a world class Evidence-based Medical Library (EBML) grounded in medical society clinical guidelines.

CrossBridge enables payers, inflammatory disease specialists, and primary care physicians to function as a team better than ever before to improve outcomes and lower costs.

For payers…

  • Cost savings from the reduction of unnecessary or inappropriate care.
  • A barometer for achieving provider quality targets.
  • Low cost of onboarding CrossBridge SaaS technology.
  • All metrics required for achieving VBC.

For providers…

  • A single Clinical Pathways platform applicable to many payers.
  • A tool for identifying and implementing quality-improvement initiatives.
  • No pre-auths for value-based contracts, plus an overall increase in administrative efficiency.
  • Physician choice in treatment options.
  • All metrics required for VBP.

Note:  Providers who have developing their own clinical pathways can use their own, as long as they are compliant with medical society guidelines.

For patients…

  • Timely, targeted treatment.
  • Better experience and outcomes.

Enter the New Era of Value-based Care for Complex, Chronic Disease


CrossBridge was created by value-conscious payers, providers and healthcare technologists to bring about the implementation of Clinical Pathways and usher in a new era in the care of patients with complex, chronic diseases.

Cloud-based system and one-of-a-kind Evidence-based Medical Library (EBML) enable alternative payment models with incentives for consistently achieving better outcomes and cost efficiencies…while rewarding providers to enhance care coordination between primary physician and specialist, leading to improved patient experiences.

CrossBridge is the trusted partner payers and providers can depend on to enter the new era of Value-based Payment for Value-based Care.

From treatment plan selection through reimbursement, the CrossBridge approach is fully aligned with the goal of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services  (CMS) and payers – to transition from fee-for-service payment to Alternative Payment Models (APMs)…Value-Based Care (VBC).

VBC demands collaboration between payers and providers to analyze patient/member populations and make shared patient-provider treatment decisions based on actionable data.

The CrossBridge solution make this possible like never before with chronic inflammatory diseases.