The CrossBridge platform provides advanced autoimmune patient care by aligning the priorities of patients, physicians and payers at the moment of clinical prescribing. It integrates in practice electronic medical records and interfaces with payer workflow.

Clinical Decision Support

CrossBridge is building an evidence-based medical library that is comprehensive, independent and non-biased. It includes evidence-based treatment regimens for autoimmune diseases.  American College of Rheumatology (ACR) guidelines serve as the starting point and are supplemented with the latest validated research. Regimens contains appropriate treatments for specific diseases, clinical outcome, and levels of medical evidence and support within the rheumatology community. CrossBridgeis developing a transformative decision-support solution for physicians – well beyond clinical pathways. Physicians have access to proven autoimmune treatment plans, and patients receive highest quality evidence-based treatments available. CrossBridge integrates with existing practice electronic medical records and seamlessly interfaces into existing workflow.

Treatment Plan

CrossBridge is developing an automated preauthorization tool to align the priorities of providers and payers and streamline administrative burden. Our solution helps physicians select a treatment option that is evidence-based with submission to the payer to obtain electronic preauthorization at the time of prescription so that patients can begin treatment without delay. This transparent treatment plan review and selection process streamlines workflow and reimbursement, reduces variability in clinical care, and results in cost efficiencies to benefit all participants in the autoimmune treatment process.


Obtaining preauthorization for Rheumatology treatment will no longer and arduous task for Rheumatology practices or payers. CrossBridge makes it easy for practice staff to submit treatment plans for authorization. Immediate authorizations are granted for treatment plans that meet evidence-based medicine in accordance to the nationally-accepted regimens in the CrossBridge knowledge base. For treatment plans that deviate from nationally-accepted standards of care, CrossBridge supports submission of content for medically justified variance. The payer has the final decision to authorize or deny payment for the submitted treatment plan. Payers complete authorization or denials through the platform and physicians can track the progress of all treatment plans.

Population Health

The CrossBridge population health dashboard delivers reporting for physicians and care managers to assess and monitor the population by disease state, drive action and accountability, and quantify outcomes. It reports by autoimmune condition, prescribing patterns, treatment preferences, evidence-based guidelines, outcomes measures and trends. Output from analytics informs care management, care coordination and patient engagement.