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Better Outcomes … Lower Cost … Administrative Efficiency 


At $127.8 billion, the annual cost of caring for patients with chronic inflammatory diseases has surpassed the cost of treating cancer. We can change that.


With the right technology, we can advance “window of opportunity” treatment for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. And speed the transition to value-based care.


CrossBridge – spans the divide between payers and providers with EMR-integrated, cloud-based technology.


Evidence-based first-of-its-kind disease library supports clinical decisions.

CrossBridge is developing the most comprehensive, independent library of inflammatory disease treatment options available for rheumatology, dermatology, gastroenterology and neurology, using the latest cloud-based technology. Treatment plans are suggested per disease, based on clinical evidence, including outcomes.

Treatment plans delivered digitally to payers for pre-auths at time of prescription.

CrossBridge makes treatment plan pre-auths what they should be in the 21st century: digitally linked to EMR and immediate. The benefits: less time between diagnosis and treatment, alignment of provider and payer priorities, more efficient workflow, and more timely reimbursement.

In a time of Value-Based Care, CrossBridge makes the perfect partner.

Today, achieving healthcare cost savings while improving outcomes is a clear path to Value-Based Care (VBC). Among other pluses, CrossBridge makes Rx formulary and cost transparent to patients, providers and payers, resulting in more informed treatment decisions – and equitable Value-Based Care and payments.

Goal: timely treatment of inflammatory diseases – to contain disease progression

and achieve better outcomes, two drivers of lower treatment cost.